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I wrote parenting content on health, relationships and preparing kids of the real world for this leading publication for NY Parents from 2015 to 2016.

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How to Handle Your Child’s First Crush

We’ve all had our fair share puppy love, but what should we do when our kids tell us they like someone? Local experts share what you need to know to handle your child’s first crush.

Adulting 101: Preparing Kids for the Real World

How to get your children ready for the real world—while they’re still young!

Why Kids Do Weird Things

Some of your child’s strangest behaviors and habits, explained by experts.

A Guide to When Your Kids Are Old Enough To Do Things on Their Own

Riding the bus, walking to school, and more milestones of growing up: a guide to when your kids are old enough to do activities on their own.

How to Get Kids to Eat Healthier Foods

Though we want our kids to have a balanced diet, getting them to eat less junk food can be a battle. Here’s advice from experts to help kids develop a taste for healthier foods.

Medical Myths – Busted!  

Local pediatricians tell us about the biggest mistakes and misconceptions about kids’ health that they encounter.

What Pet Should Your Family Get?

Nine great animals for families and tips on which one might be best for your family pet.

My Husband is a Ghostbuster

A real-life ghostbuster, meaning he investigates the paranormal and communicates with ghosts–right here in NYC.