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I currently cover mental health, addiction and relationships as a reporter/writer for Elements Behavioral Health. I write blogs and evidence-based articles for leading mental health and addiction websites and online publications, as well as content for the company’s network of blogs, including Promises and The Ranch. I work with leading doctors, therapists and experts in this field as interview subjects as well as writing collabortively. Most of stories below are not by-lined.

Recent Articles

Sex Addiction and Sexual Trauma Content

What Actually Goes On in Sex Addiction Rehab?

Women and Porn: How Women Get Caught Up in the Fantasy

Sexual Assault and PTSD

What’s the Connection Between Sex Addiction and Narcissism?

What is Hypersexual Behavior?

Sex Addiction vs. Sex Crimes

10 Top Movies and TV Shows About Sex Addiction

Dr. Oz Visits the Ranch to Learn About Sex Addiction


Relationship and Emotional Health Content

How to Deal with a Narcissist

What’s Your Attachment Style – In life and On Facebook

Expert Tips to Coax Your Inner Critic Into Your Corner

5 Self-Care Habits for Families of Addicts

Collaborative Articles with Psychologists and Therapists

Sex and Love Addiction

15 Way Love Addicts Lose Themselves in Relationships

7 Common Patterns in Love Addiction

How Can Tell If Your Addicted Husband or Loved One is In Denial

Addicted Husbands: How High Powered Men Turn to Sex and Cheating

Hope for Healing: Men in Power and Sexual Compulsion

Men Too: Men Admitting Sexual Abuse and Harassment Is Healing

Women With Trauma May Be Triggered By “Me Too” Campaign

Me Too: Women Exposed to Sexual Misconduct Can Benefit From Therapeutic Support

Is There a Difference Between Sex Addiction, Sex Offending and Sexual Misconduct?


ADHD, Adderall and Creativity

Are We Becoming and Adderall Nation?

Mindfulness: A Health Alternative for Creative People


First Responders, Stress and Trauma

First Responders and Physiological Trauma

Helping First Responders Cope with Trauma

911 for First Responders: Resolving Cumulative Trauma by Supporting Each Other


Self-Esteem, Shame and Self-Care

8 Ways to Grow Beyond Secrecy and Self-Judgement

Women and Shame: Replacing Self Hated with Self-Appreciation

9 Ways Women Can Go From Self-Sacrifice to Self-Soothing

Greenery and Nature Can Ease Anxiety and Depression

Five Ways Being Around Nature and Water Can Improve Your Mood

Five Ways Shame can Shape Our Lives


Relationships and Family

Why We Attract Partners Who Remind Us of Our Addicted Parents

Alcoholism Facts: The Impact on Marriage and Relationships

The Dos and Donts of Helping Your Partner Through Depression

Do Married People Have to Be Celibate During Recovery?

How Singles Can Manage Celibacy In Their First Year of Sobriety


College Age Kids and Youths

A Concerned Parent’s Guide: When College Partying Turns to Substance Abuse

7 Factors that Contribute to Addiction in College Students

 Breaking the Cycle of Shame and Addiction in Young Adults

Why Young Adults in Recovery Need a Fresh Start

After Rehab: A sobriety Plan for Young Adults

Narcotics on Dark Web Pose Immense Danger to Youths


Therapies and Therapeutic Approaches

Six Ways DBT Can Help Handle Distress

7 Ways Radical Acceptance Can Transform Your Life

10 Things Therapy Horses Can Teach You In Relationship of Self and Others

How EMDR Can Help Heal the Trauma Behind Addiction

Why We Treat Addiction as a Family Affair

There’s a Therapeutic Approach to Everything

6 Transformational Lessons of Addiction Therapy

The Miracle Question that Can Keep Sobriety On Track

6 Ways Yoga Helps With Depression and Addiction

Three Adventure Therapies for Addiction That Promote Growth

6 Ways High Ropes Therapy Helps Get You Past Your Comfort Zone

Inner Child Therapy: How Stuffed Animals Can Health Childhood Trauma

Mindfulness Techniques to Help with Addiction

9 Multidisciplinary Addiction Treatment Techniques

Managing Triggers That Can Lead to Relapse


Men and Mental Health

Men and Grief: The Importance of Mourning Loss

Men and Depression: Five Ways to Recognize and Heal Sadness

Six reasons Men Keep Their Depression Secret

Men and Recovery: 6 Benefits of Comradery and Community in Healing Addiction

Why We Need a Men’s Mental Health Program

Five Ways Men Can Health Rather Than Fix Depression



How Subtle Trauma Can Run Your Life

3 Brain and Body Based Therapies That Can Help Heal Preverbal Trauma

Trauma Reenactment Can Run (and Ruin) Our Lives

Finding the Touchstone Memory: Inside an EMDR Trauma Therapy Session

Emotional Trauma Can Be Like A Scary Ghost

How Substance Abuse Can Lead to Dissasociation

Why Take a Spiritual Approach to Addiction?

Four Ways to Look Beyond The Things That Are Holding You Back


Holiday Content

A Mindful Approach to Thanksgiving Eve

Holiday Quotes to Light Up the Season

12 Sober Christmas Gifts to Give Yourself

Holiday Loss: Grieving Toxic Relationships

Coping With Depression During the Holidays

Am I a Dieting Failure of a Food Addict?

Why the New Year May Be the Best Time to Get Sober