3. Beliefnet

I served as a Senior Editor and Team Leader, managing the Love & Family and Inspiration verticals for this National Magazine Award-winning site that was a leading web destination for inspiration and spirituality. Was responsible for the overall content/blog/social media strategies, daily operations and budget, for several verticals. Beliefnet was owned by Fox so we had many media partnerships with television and web properties. We were part of the original Hulu launch. At one point I also ran the Entertainment vertical.

Dean Cain

Hired as an editor, my main job was to assign and edit content, hire and manage bloggers, and manage multiple personalities and partnerships, as well as writing the Inspiration Report blog. Here is some of my by-lined and video content on Beliefnet.com:

Celebrity Interviews

Coverage of the Narnia Premier in London

Liam and Laurie Sue cropped

Most Inspiring Person of the Year

Interview with Zack Bonner





The Divine Feminine


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